Psalm 132:13
For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation
In 1998 God blessed us with our first tour of Israel, the land where God chose to put His Name.  As with most Christians who are blessed to visit the Holy Land, this trip completely changed our lives.  As we toured the various Biblical sites and learned about the history and culture of the Bible, it became obvious how important this knowledge is for understanding God's word.  Since that time, God has taken us back to Israel frequently.  During these trips, some for several months, we have become acquainted with the Land, the history, and the culture, and have been blessed to develop many special personal relationships .

I have a Master of Ministry Degree with an emphasis in Christian Counseling, I am a Board Certified Christian. Counselor and an Ordained Minister.  I currently am a hospice volunteer.  I also study and teach Biblical Hebrew. In teaching Biblical Hebrew,  I not only emphasize learning Biblical Hebrew but also the study of the Hebrew Bible in its original language.  During our extended stays in Israel, I continue my study of Biblical Hebrew and present seminars regarding women's issues and family relation-
ships to Christian women living in Israel.
Duane and Kathie Patterson
Since my retirement in 2003 I have been studying Biblical Archaeology and Near Eastern History.  I have earned two Certificates in Field Archaeology from Pima Community College and I am currently working towards a Master Degree in Biblical Archaeology through Trinity Southwest University. I have volunteered at Bethsaida Archaeological Excavations, located on the North shore of the Sea of Galilee, for four seasons. 
Kathie, with her interpreter KatyTuma, at a women's conference in Nazareth, Israel.

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.Duane volunteering at Bethsaida Excavations.

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