Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
  The letter Tav תו is the twenty-second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Tav “ת” is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It has a letter sound of a “T” in Sephardic and a “TH” or an “S” in Ashkenazi pronunciation. There are some Hebrew letters that are pronounced differently in Ashkenazi Hebrew and some are pronounced differently in Sephardic Hebrew. The Ashkenazi Hebrew derives from the West/ Europe and the Sephardic Hebrew derives from the East/ Spain and areas to the east including Persia/Iran. For the purposes of the pictorial letters the sound of the tav is a “T” sound. The word picture of the tav is a mark or sign resembling an “X” or a cross “+” tilted to the side, also of a covenant, the mark of the covenant.  
The Hebrew word for “daughter” is bat “בת” with the letter bet “ב” with a dagesh in the center creating a hard “B” and a word picture of a house or family, followed by a tav “ת” with a letter sound of “T” and a word picture of the covenant. The word picture for daughter, bat, בת shows the daughter of the house will join in covenant to another house, in other words, her marriage into another family joins the family in a covenant.