Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
Reysh “ר” the twentieth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew letter reysh “ר” the twentieth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet has a letter sound of a guttural “R” and a word picture of the head, and an ancient Hebrew meaning of “head.” When pronouncing the letter reysh it is not pronounced with the front of the mouth as in the word beginning with “R.” It is a guttural sound pronounced from the back of the throat. The word picture for the reysh is a person, (the profile of the head) the highest or top, and most important.
The Hebrew word to deceive or to betray is רמה ree-mah. The resysh has a guttural sound of “R” and has a word picture of a person or profile of the head. The next letter is a mem מ with a word picture of chaos (as in water). The last letter is a ה hey with a quiet sound as of breath leaving the mouth, and a word picture of something that comes from, or out of. When put together the Hebrew word picture of ree-mah רמה is deception or betrayal comes from the man of chaos.