Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
  Pey “פ “ is the Seventeenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The pey “פ” in ancient Hebrew has a letter sound of a “P” and a soft sound of “F.” In order to determine which sound is appropriate in modern times, after the Hebrew was voweled, a small dot called a dagesh is placed in the letter to indicate the hardening or change of sound. A pey with a dagesh has the letter sound of “P,” without the dagesh the sound is softened to a “F” sound.  
The word picture for the pey is a mouth, or even a side view of a head with the mouth open, or opening, or to speak, or a river’s beginning, as in headwaters. There are five Hebrew letters that have a final or “sofit” form when they appear at the end of a word and are written differently. The other four are noon, tsaddik, mem and koof.
The Hebrew word for beautiful is יפה ya-feh. A word picture for ya-feh can show something revealed in a spoken deed can be beautiful. The Hebrew word for miracle, something wonderful, is פלה pe-le with a dagesh in the pey has the letter sound of “P,” and a word picture of the mouth or speaking, and a lamed ל with a letter sound of “L” and a word picture of someone in front or teaching, and an alef which is a silent letter, and a word picture of strength or leading. When these are put together the Hebrew word pe-le has a word picture of someone teaching, or learning from the spoken word, or something spoken is important or wonderful, i.e., a miracale.