Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
Noon is the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The ancient Hebrew letter “noon נן” has a letter sound of “N” and a word picture of a fish, something darting through water, movement as in life, a new sprout or vegetation with movement and growth.

The Hebrew word for garden is “gan גן.” The two Hebrew letters are ג gimel with the letter sound of “G” and a Hebrew word picture of a camel representing rising up or lifting up and the Hebrew letter noon נ with the sound of an “N” representing life, together complete the word picture for garden גן, the lifting up of life. 

The Hebrew word for son is “ben בן.” The first letter is ב bet with a letter sound of “B” and a word picture of a house. The second letter is a noon נ with a word picture of life and a letter sound of “N”. These two letters together are a word picture of “life in the house.” In other words, the son continues the life of the family; through the son generations will come.