Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.

Koof קופ the Nineteenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The koof ק is the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has a letter sound of “Q” and a word picture of the back of the head. The koof is one of the Hebrew letters that has a final or sofit form that is written differently when it is the last letter of a word. There is a difference of opinion on the actual word koof’s meaning. For the purposes of the pictorial use, the back of the head relates to what is behind, or last or final, or even the last. It is the accepted meaning for koof.
The Hebrew word for sepulcher, or grave, is קבר ke-ver, spelled koof ק with a sound of “Q” and a word picture of the back of, or the last, or what is behind, final or even least, followed by a bet\vet ב without a dagesh is the soft sound of a “V” and a word picture of a house or dwelling, followed by a reysh ר with a letter sound of “R” and a word picture of a person. When placed together קבר ke-ver has a word picture of the last dwelling place of a person, or a sepulcher.