Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
The third letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Gimel.   The word picture for gimel is: a camel, to be lifted up, to arise.  The sound of the gimel is the sound of “G”.  The Hebrew word for garden is gan, a gimel followed by a noon.  The word picture for noon is life/action.  The word picture of a gimel and noon together is a lifting up of life.  The Garden of Eden was an eternal lifting up of life. 

Another gimel word is geay meaning pride.  In Hebrew it is spelled gimel followed by an alef, followed by a hey which has a soft “H” sound and is pictured as: what comes from.  Gimel pictures a lifting up, alef pictures strength and hey pictures what comes from.  The word picture is what comes from lifting up strength of the person above God, in other words pride.
Another gimel word is ga-al meaning a lifting up of God.  The gimel is a picture of lifting up and the sound of “G”, followed by an alef, a picture of strong/strength or head, a silent letter only carrying the sound of the vowel, followed by a lamed, the sound of “L” pictured as a shepherd’s staff or goad.  The alef, followed by an lamed is the word el which is God.  The lamed and the alef, along with the gimel is a picture of: God is lifted up.  Ga-al also has the meaning of salvation or redemption, the root of which is gimel followed by alef followed by lamed.  And again it pictures a lifting up of God.

Another gimel word is gal-gal.  The Hebrew spelling is gimel followed by a lamed.  Again the word picture is something repeated over and over as a wheel going around and around.  The gimel is pictured as a lifting up or arising and the lamed pictures a staff or a goad used to push animals forward or moving forward.  The word picture shows something rising over and over and being pushed forward as a wheel would be.

Another gimel word is gever.  The Hebrew spelling is gimel, pictured as a lifting up   
or arising,  followed by a bet the sound of “ soft V ” pictured as a house, in within, or enclosed, followed by a resh, the sound of “R” pictured as a head, person or man.  The word picture for gever is a man from within a house rises or is lifted up like a man’s man, or a manly man.  In Hebrew some letters have a hard and a soft sound.  In the word gever the bet is the sound of a soft bet pronounced as a “V”.