Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
The Chet is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet with a word picture of a fence, protection or surrounding.  The letter chet has a guttural, harsh sound with no English equivalent.  The Hebrew word for grace is chen, beginning with the chet, a harsh guttural sound, followed by a noon, with the letter sound of “N” with a word picture of life.  The chet followed by a noon is a word picture of something fencing in life or protecting life or surrounding life.

Another chet word is ach, which means “brother” and is spelled in Hebrew with an alef, which is a silent letter, with a word picture of an ox, strong leader or first, followed by the letter chet.  Together the aleph followed by a chet is a word picture of a strong leader that protects like a strong fence.

Another chet word is the Hebrew word cha-shah, which means “to keep silent,”  and is spelled chet, a guttural, harsh sound, followed by a shin, with the setter sound of “SH” and is the word picture of teeth, or tooth or destroy, followed by a hey, with the soft sound of the letter “H” (or the expulsion of breath), and is a word picture of “what comes from.”  Together the word picture of cha-sha is a chet, followed by a shin, followed by a hey. Together this is a word picture showing to fence the teeth from what comes from.  In other words, keep silent