Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is alef.  The alef is a silent letter and simply carries the sound of the vowel.  The word picture for alef is a bull or ox’s head with the horns.  The picture tells us it is strength or strong, leading or first.  The second letter of the alphabet is bet, which is the word picture of a household, in, into or family.  The bet has the sound of the letter B.  When alef and bet are together, they become the Hebrew word av (or ab) meaning father.  The alef and bet in word picture form show that the father is the strong leader of the house.

Another alef word is “el”.  The alef and the lamed together is one of the Hebrew words for God. The letter lamed is the sound of the letter L.  The word picture for lamed is a shepherd’s staff standing for leadership or leading.  The meaning of the word picture alef and lamed together is a strong shepherd leader.

Another word beginning with alef is “esh.”  The alef and the shin.  The shin equals the sound of SH.  The word picture for shin is “teeth, a destroyer, or devourer.”   The shin can look like a set of three flames.  Together, the alef and the shin is a word picture of fire, or a strong destroyer.    

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By: Rev. Kathryn S. Patterson M.Min., BCCC