Psalm 119:34
Give me understanding that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.


>> Experienced Tour Leadership
We have hosted four tours to Israel and one Land of the Bible Cruise.  Our Guide, Exie Schlossberg, has 18+ years experience as an Israeli tour guide.

>> We provide an Evangelical Christian perspective
All team members are Bible believing Christians including our guide and bus driver.

>> We provide a Praise and Worship Atmosphere
We have devotionals and prayer time as well as scripture reading at each of our tour sites.

>> Our Tour Group Size are not too large 
Smaller groups are conducive to a friendly atmosphere. This also allows more time at each site and flexibility in our itinerary.

>> Educational Opportunities Tours 
Educational Opportunities Tours has 40+ years experience in Christian Travel.  They have been our partners in previous tours.  

>>Lessons From the Olive Tree
Lessons From the Olive Tree provides Biblical teaching from a Hebraic perspective

>>Articles on Ancient Hebrew Alphabet
Articles on the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet giving an understanding of the letters based on their ancient pictorial meanings.

>>Articles on Biblical Archaeology and History
Articles on Current Archaeological Discoveries which illuminate our understanding of the Bible and illustrates the historicity of the Bible.

>>Links to Biblical Resources, News, and Commentary
Links to Current Articles on Biblical Archaeology and History, Biblical commentary, and news items and commentary regarding Bible interpretation.

Welcome to Bible Land Studies
​Bible Land Studies is a Christian Ministry dedicated to Bible interpretation through a better understanding of the history, language, cultural and geography of the lands of the Bible. Our website features current articles on Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Archaeology, and History. Our ministry has hosted tours to Israel and other Bible lands from time to time. Our ministry is also available for teaching seminars and Bible Studies.

Bible Land Studies
​Providing a Hebraic and Historical Prospective of the Bible
Bible Land Studies - Blog.  This Blog is to provide a forum to help inform the general public about current issues in Biblical Archaeology and History and their relevance to Bible interpretation and current Biblical topics.
Meet ten year old Daniela as she travels back in time to 450 BC Persia in search of Queen Esther. Find out how she meets Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordecai. Learn how Esther becomes Queen of Persia and takes Daniela to live in the palace.
  Join in the adventure of palace life, including serving under the first maidservant to the queen, while learning palace rules. Share in the story of how Daniela learns important life lessons from Queen Esther.
  Come along with Daniela as she becomes part of history in the celebration of the first Purim as a memorial to remember how Queen Esther petitioned the King of Persia to spare the lives of her people, the Jews.

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